Opportunity for the EIC Pathfinder project

The Centre for Micro and Nanosciences and Technologies (NANORI, https://nanori.uniri.hr/), nestled in the picturesque setting of the University of Rijeka campus, provides the infrastructure for several research groups working in the field of material science, experimental solid state physics and physical chemistry. The Laboratory for Colloids, Polyelectrolytes and Interfaces (https://collsurf.uniri.hr) conducts research at the boundary between physical chemistry and applied physics.

Role Description

This is a full-time (1 year with possibility for prolongation) on-site role for a research assistant (PhD student or postdoc) at the Laboratory for Colloids, Polyelectrolytes and Interfaces, NANORI, University in Rijeka. The candidate will be responsible for day-to-day tasks associated with conducting research at the boundary between experimental physical chemistry and applied physics, such as performing sample preparations and measurements, developing the experimental and data analysis methods, analyzing data, writing reports and scientific papers, contributing to project dissemination activities etc. She/he will be supervised by and reporting to the PI, her/his performance and advance will be subject to evaluation as a prerequisite for a prolongued engagement. Depending on her/his preferences and competence, she/he may be minorly involved in teaching tasks.

The candidate will be performing research activities defined within, but not limited to, the EU-funded research project executed by a consortium of partners with strictly defined roles. Within this project, she/he will maintain correspondence and collaborate with several external partners. It is expected that the candidate will significantly contribute to the development of the experimental and data treatment methodology in the field of optics and spectroscopy (absorption spectroscopy, spectroscopic ellipsometry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, etc.) as well as electrochemical and electrical measurements related to the ion-to-electron charge transfer in composite thin films that may exhibit a range of structural properties resulting in complex optical and electrical response, such as phase inhomogeneity and percolation effects, anisotropy, charge carrier and Mie’s scattering etc.

It is essential that the candidate is building his career on solid scientific knowledge, dedicated beyond compromise to the high ethical principles and bottom-up approach in scientific research, is self-driven yet highly responsible, ready to plan day-to-day research tasks and report results to the PI, communicate joint tasks with partners, has good practice in time management as well as balanced passion and patience necessary for highest quality research.

• MSc or PhD in Physics or Physical chemistry or related fields
• Strong skills in experimental physics and/or physical chemistry.
• Theoretical knowledge in some of the fields: optics, spectroscopy, solid state physics, electrodynamics, physical chemistry of ionic solutions and polyelectrolytes, electrochemistry, colloids.
• Programming (Igor Pro, Python, Mathematica or similar) of data analysis routines, understanding of the underlying mathematics (a good practical knowledge of linear algebra is a must)
• Proven experience in teaching or mentoring undergraduate students (for postdoc candidates)
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team
• Strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills
• Strong publication record in some of the fields: physical chemistry, solid state physics, atomic or molecular physics, is a plus
• Experience in spectroscopic ellipsometry is a plus

Required documentation:
• Curriculum vitae,
• Motivation letter,
• Citizenship certificate or proof of citizenship of another country,
• Copy of the proof of the academic degree of Master of Science or Doctor of Science,
• Transcript of grades from the bachelor/masters degree (only for PhD applicants)
• Overview of scientific, teaching, or professional activities,
• Evidence supporting the qualifications listed in the CV and in the Overview, as well as publications (.pdf) relevant for the selection,
• Letter of recommendation from the mentor of the MSc or PhD dissertation and another experienced scientist in the field of the dissertation or postdoctoral work, in case the candidate has accomplished postdoctoral training.

The salary will depend on the academic degree and previous experience of the candidate and on her/his social status.


Applicants are kindly invited to submit their application and all the required documentation to: [email protected]

Earliest starting date: 1. July 2024.

This call is open until the position is filled

More information: https://collsurf.uniri.hr/ra-p...