The RM Roadmap project's co-creation process will see research managers (RMs) from 40 nations across Europe discussing the current research management landscapes in their countries.
RMs will join a conversation in an exciting new online space (the Knowledge and Community co-creation Platform) about the research management profession, one discussion group per country, led by the corresponding national RM Roadmap Ambassadors.
Following the discussion, the RM Roadmap Ambassadors will create a consensus document for the specific country. Then the national community i.e. RMs, will vote on the consensus document and this information will go forward to inform the European Commission (EC) and European RM communities.
The topic for the first co-creation session involves understanding the landscape: national networks and associations. You discuss the topic between October 2nd 2023-October 13th 2023 and vote on the consensus documents via a poll between October 30th and November 10 2023.
Please consult our RM Roadmap co-creation session guides and FAQs at

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Funded by
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