The BIAS project seeks to identify and address some prejudices and other unsupported judgments against one worker because of their personal characteristics in a way considered unfair.

We are therefore asking you questions about your experience and attitudes toward AI applications in the labor market.

The survey is divided into four sections:

1) Interaction. We seek to understand whether you have ever interacted with one or more AI applications in the labor market and, if so, how it worked. For example, LinkedIn provides algorithms to advertise job vacancies and actively search and approach job candidates. At the same time, some large companies use their algorithms to hire, manage, or fire people.

2) Experience. We then move to your personal experience. In other words, how has the use of AI applications to hire, manage, or fire made you feel?

3) Perception. Also, we would like to hear your general attitude toward the use of AI applications in the labor market. Is it something we should pursue or not?

4) Lastly, we ask for some personal information. We know that you might perceive some questions (e.g., sexual orientation and disability) as sensitive and intimate. But, because the BIAS project focuses on discrimination, exclusion, and marginalization, it is important for us to understand who and how diverse our respondents are. We aim to be as inclusive as possible. Please, remember that it will not be possible to determine your identity using this information and you can always say that you prefer not to respond to a certain question.

This survey is anonymous and targets every worker who has interacted with AI applications in the European labor market. The survey results will inform a report to be produced by the BIAS Consortium to the European Commission by July 2023. Eventually, they will also be disseminated through academic conferences and publications. In any case, no personally identifying information will be included.

It should take approximately 10 minutes to fill out the survey.

Access the survey here:

Thank you so much for sharing your perspective and helping us in this European endeavor!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement 101070468.

Funded by
the European Union

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