Open Innovation Opportunity

Project Proposal

CBE Calls encourage in the CBE JU Requirements concerning Digital technologies as follows:

Applicants should consider applying and/or adapting existing/mature or novel digital technologies provided that they are instrumental to achieving the project’s outcomes and scope. RIAs and IAs, including Flagships, should consider the applications of digital technologies among the following areas: i) chemicals, materials, catalysts and process design & modelling (including bioinformatics) ii) process monitoring, control and optimisation iii) tracking and tracing, and iv) data analytics and data management.

CETIM can bring to the consortium these capabilities in the fields of:

Digital Systems
Digital Twins: design of virtual models of production lines and plants; simulation and optimization of new production processes; process monitoring through integration with sensor networks, simulation models based on Artificial Intelligence.
Blockchain: design and implementation of solutions for traceability in the supply chain,
integration with IoT devices and development of decentralized applications.
Artificial Vision: artificial vision applications for process monitoring, OCR systems, scene recognition, etc.
Artificial Intelligence: design of advanced data analysis and machine learning algorithms.
Implementation of code and integration in applications for image recognition, predictive systems, decision support systems, etc.
Internet of Things
Smart Sensors: photonic sensors, infraredspectroscopy, multispectral image analysis, etc.
Sensor networks: design and implementation of wireless sensor and actuator networks (WSAN), firmware development and multi-platform software.
Study of communications and integration in existing applications.

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