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Key Project: Zero_HiddenHunger_EU

Zero_HiddenHunger_EU, launched in January 2024, aims to provide credible evidence explaining gaps in micronutrients (MNs) intakes leading to deficiencies, and propose effective interventions for their eradication and reduction of nutritional inequalities at a general population level as well as among vulnerable groups in Europe.

Zero_HiddenHunger_EU will evaluate the true prevalence of MN deficiencies, based on biomarkers and intake data in European populations and estimate associated health costs, particularly for high-risk population subgroups.

Additionally, the project intends to provide evidence underpinning food-focused solutions to ensure adequate consumption of vitamins and minerals from sustainable dietary sources.

University College Cork is leading a diverse consortium with 19 academic and research partners plus SMEs across 12 countries, comprising organisations across the EU, UK, Switzerland and Serbia, each bringing unique innovation and experience.

Micronutrient Nutrition Helix

The Micronutrient Nutrition Helix is an international Open Innovation community of global experts (researchers, industry actors and policy makers) in nutrition, micronutrients and related disciplines.

Launched with a specific focus on driving impact, exploitation, clustering, and dissemination for Zero_HiddenHunger_EU, this Helix also has a role in supporting a collaborative ecosystem in micronutrient research and global implementation.